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Sports Flooring and Sports Floor Maintenance Specialists Across The UK

AM Sports Flooring are a specialist sports flooring company covering the whole of the UK. We have many years experience in installing, maintaining and refurbishing sports flooring such as wood, Granwood and seamless polyurethane sports surfaces. We complete many sports flooring projects in schools, leisure centres and squash courts around the country year in, year out. We have gained a great name for ourselves over the years for being the number 1 sports flooring company in the UK. We also install and maintain dance flooring in sports centres and nightclubs. There are many other sports flooring services that we can offer, please browse through the rest of our website to see where else we can help you.

Sports Floors We Install: Sports Floors We Maintain, Repair & Refurbish:
  • Wood Sports Floors
  • Seamless Polyurethane Sports Floors
  • Vinyl Sports Floors
  • Wood Sports Floors
  • Seamless Polyurethane Sports Floors
  • Granwood Sports Floors
  • Vinyl Sports Floors

granwood sports floor maintenance and refurbishmentSports Floor Maintenance & Refurbishment

All sports flooring needs to be maintained in order to keep optimum grip and to protect the sports floor, as well as pro-longing the life. At AM Sports Flooring we maintain and refurbish sports hall flooring across the country. Using new dust free technology machines along with our special techniques gathered through many years of experience in sports floor maintenance and refurbishment.

Reasons To Maintain Your Sports Floor:

  • Maintain a perfect playing surface
  • Maintain a high grip sports floor
  • Will pro long the life of your sports flooring
  • Save you money
  • Keep your sports hall open longer


If you have a sports hall floor that you think may have come to the end of its life because it has damaged spots or is looking dirty and dull. Then it is most likely possible that we can transform your sports floor to look as good as new again.

Once we have refurbished your sports floor we can set up a maintenance program to increase the time needed in between scheduled sports hall floor refurbishments. We can come yearly to your premises to inspect the floor and advise on steps to take to maintain an optimum playing surface and keep a high grip floor.


seamless polyurethane sports flooring installation

Why Get Our Sports Flooring

  • Highest quality materials
  • Highest standard of work
  • Expert knowledge
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Guarantee

All of our sports flooring is installed to the highest standard whatever surface you choose to have. They all come with a manufacturer guarantee and a guarantee from ourselves. We will not only install you a sports floor, we can also paint on any court markings you request, as well as set up a maintenance program to pro-long the life of you new sports hall floor.

At AM Sports Flooring we can help you decide what sports surface is best for your needs and budget. All of our sports flooring surfaces are perfect for all indoor sports.



Court MarkingsSquash court refurbishment and maintenance

AM Sports Flooring also have a highly specialised court marking team that can paint on any court markings you may require for your new or refurbished sports floor. We guarantee to only use the highest quality paints and techniques to install court markings. Have a look at our Court Markings page for more information.

Squash Court Maintenance

We also maintain and refurbish squash courts around the country. We have a specialised team working to the highest standards to ensure the best playing surface for your squash players. Whether you need a light tube replacing or a full overhaul of your squash court, we are the company for you. Please see our Squash Court Maintenance page for more information.