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Granwood Flooring & Sports Services

Granwood Sports flooring maintenanceAM Sports Flooring have many years of practical experience in the maintenance, refurbishment and repair of Granwood flooring and sports floors. We use the latest technology to leave the best finished playing surface with least upheaval and dust from sanding the Granwood flooring.

Why Use Us:

  • Latest dust technology used to keep dust to a minimum
  • Cheapest prices
  • No hassle contractors
  • Years of practical experience
  • Guarantee






Granwood flooring is used in many leisure centres and school sports halls around the country and world. Granwood flooring is a very durable surface for sports flooring and will sustain all of the pounding by athletes. Granwood sports flooring can be laid on a hard surface or a sprung timber floor. Granwood flooring laid on top of a sprung timber floor is know as Gransprung sports flooring.


granwood flooring refurbishment and repair

Granwood Flooring Maintenance, Refurbishment & Repair

All flooring needs to be maintained and refurbished to keep a good playing surface as well as optimum grip. To maintain a Granwood sports floor is easy as you just need to keep it free from grit, by sweeping the floor regularly. You also need to clean it with a scrub dryer machine to remove the build up of dirt. Granwood floor refurbishment and maintenance is important as to pro-long the life of your sports floor.

Our Expert Know How

AM Sports Flooring are experts at Granwood sports floor refurbishment having completed many projects across the country. To refurbish a sports floor it is necessary to sand the floor back to bare block and reseal the floor along with painting on any court markings. Sometimes it is not necessary to sand the sports floor if it is not badly damaged, as you can just have it resealed. To have a sports floor resealed is much cheaper and quicker than a full sports floor refurbishment project.