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Seamless Polyurethane Sports Flooring & Sports Surfaces

Seamless polyurethane tennis court sports surfaces
Polyurethane (PU) sports floor in army barracks
seamless polyurethane sports flooring and sports surface in tennis dome

Seamless polyurethane (PU) sports flooring is one of the best sports surfaces for playing a number of different sports. It has a high grip surface with a cushioned base making it perfect for a multi-sports or specific sports. Polyurethane flooring is also one of the cheapest options when looking for new sports floor. It also has the benefit of being able to resurface at a later date for a fraction of the price as you do not need to remove the old sports floor.

Seamless polyurethane sports flooring is also very hygienic as it is easy to clean from it being a flat surface with no seams for dirt to get stuck in. Seamless sports floors are also low maintenance as they are not like typical sports floors where they need to be resealed every 3-5 years.

Another great factor in choosing of seamless polyurethane sports surface is that you can have a choice of 4 colours for your playing surface. We have acquired a special technique for tennis polyurethane (PU) sports flooring giving the floor a gritty effect and offering even more grip for the athlete.

Why Choose A Seamless Sports Floor:

  • Cushioned for joint comfort
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect level playing surface
  • Guarantee







Seamless Polyurethane Sports Flooring Resurfacing & Repair

However tough and durable a a sports floor they all will eventually need to be refurbished, repaired or resurfaced. Lots of time if there is only a small tear then the floor can be repaired, but if there is lots of big damaged areas in the floor then it is normally best to resurface the seamless sports floor.

To resurface a seamless sports floor is less inconvenience than you think, as you can just lay another coat of polyurethane (PU) over the top of the existing floor. This is extremely economical and cost effective as you do not have to remove the old floor like other sports flooring systems. it is then just a case of painting on the court markings and you will have a brand new playing surface.

Seamless PU Sports Surfaces Maintenance

To maintain a seamless PU sports surface is quiet an easy affair. You will only need to clean the sports surface once to twice a month using a scrub dryer machine. Alternatively we can clean the sports floor for you.

We also offer a sports floor deep clean to remove any trainer marks and scuffs that may occur.