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Tennis Court Maintenance, Resurfacing, Cleaning & Painting

Tennis court maintenance, resurfacing, painting and cleaningAM Sports Flooring are tennis court maintenance, cleaning and resurfacing specialists. We have many years experience and many happy customers that we have gained over time when maintaining our customers tennis courts, either in their homes or at tennis clubs or commercial properties. Lots of our customers are returning customers as they are extremely happy with the service that is provided.

Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis courts will last for many years if the correct maintenance is followed such as high pressure cleaning, painting and treatment to the surface. Keeping a good maintenance program going will ensure that your tennis court will maintain optimum grip, clear visibility of all lines and also make the surface last twice as long as expected without maintenance.


Tennis court painting, cleaning and maintenance specialists through out the uk and London

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Tennis Court Cleaning

All tennis courts will need to be cleaned at one point as they will end up getting very dirty and the grip level will drop and the lines will become hard to see without cleaning. It is very important to clean off all moss and algae from the tennis surface as this can make the court very slippery. We will clean your tennis court with a high pressure washer with specialist tools to restore your court and make it look great as well as restoring grip back to the court. Cleaning your tennis court will also make the surface last longer.


Seamless polyurethane tennis court resurfacing sports flooring

Court Resurfacing

Tennis courts need to be resurfaced every so often in order to keep them from having uneven surfaces and to keep them safe to play on. When tennis court resurfacing is done correct, it will make your court look brand new again. There are different ways to resurface tennis courts depending on what surface is already down. Some indoor tennis courts have seamless polyurethane sports surface where outside the tennis courts surface will normally be made from tarmac as its high grip and durable.

Painting Colouring & Line Marking

Sometimes cleaning alone will not make your tennis court surface look new again. When this is the case it is possible to paint the court again. When painting a court it is possible to change the colour of the court. After your tennis court has been painted then it will last for many years to come with the correct maintenance, cleaning and care. Every time we repaint a tennis court we include the line markings free of charge.

The Products We Use For All Work

For all work that is completed by AM Sports Flooring we always make sure that we use the best products and the latest in technology for all painting, line marking, cleaning and resurfacing jobs.