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Gerflor Taraflex Vinyl Sports Flooring & Surfaces

Gerflor Taraflex Vinyl Sports Flooring and surfacesGerflor Taraflex vinyl sports flooring and surfaces is the leading name in all types of sports surfaces around the world. There are many different designs and structures of Gerflor Taraflex sports surfaces to suit almost any game or sub-base. Taraflex synthetic sports surfaces are very strong and durable as well as being an easy sports surface to maintain. Gerflor flooring and surfaces have been tried and tested since 1947. They have also been tested to ensure that no ball bounce is lost in certain spots.


Why Choose Gerflor Sports Flooring

  • 15 Year Guarentee
  • Different Designs
  • Quick Installation
  • Cost
  • High Grade Construction
  • Gerflor Sports Surfaces and maintenance






    Gefloor Taraflex sports surfaces and flooring


    Taraflex Sports Surfaces Construction

    Gerflor Taraflex sports flooring is designed to the highest standards with performace, durability and comfort in mind. Taraflex flooring has a patent in place for its foam backing that is made up of fibreglass grid cells that give it strength and comfort unlike its competitors sports surfaces. This product is able to be laid on top of a any solid, level and flat base. As Gerflor Taraflex is glued and welded, it makes it very easy and quick to install. This lowers down time on a hall and also money.

    Other Flooring Products

    Gerflor also have lots of other different types of flooring such as safety flooring, commercial, retail and flooring for the home. For more information on the products please feel free to get in contact for free friendly advice and the best prices.